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1. Is your student old enough? 15 1/2 to drive with you.  15y9m at the beginning of drivers ed.  Carry a copy of their birth certificate in the car when they drive.  Also DSMV 509(driving log) 

2. Fill out application online.

3. Decide which schedule works for you.

3.You will receive a confirmation via email with a contract and a vision form.


4.  The  contract is required signed by parent and student.  Please make sure to read the contract and make sure you and your student agree with the conditions.


5.  A deposit of $200 is required with the contract(non refundable)This will be collected at the open house.(Check your confirmation email)

$600 remaining will be due the first class unless arrangements have been made. 


6. Vision Form-  Students must have a vision of 20/40 in order to drive.  

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